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We understand the importance of having access to resources that guide us in our development. Vis ASPIRE inc thrives on personal and professional development by offering resources to help you and your small business. You can download some free resources below.

Reach the Top



There is nothing more important to a business than setting the proper goals. Click Here to download your own goal worksheet. All the businesses that I have been associated with have only been successful by creating goals and developing an action plan to achieve those goals. Click Here to understand what it means to do a S.M.A.R.T. goal.




The Mind Map is a short-term vision for your life. We’re only looking at the current year, everything from your personal finance to travel, family and other things that are important to you. It shows the power of writing it down and speaking it into reality. Click Here to get started building your Mind Map.

Man with Suit and Tie



Leadership is key to any organization. But having both integrity and authenticity are critical to successful leadership. As a serial entrepreneur I know how easy it is to get caught up in the business and forget that you're a leader first and foremost, both to your employees and to your customers. Click here for some insight on what it means to have integrity. And, Click Here to get started tracking your own authenticity.

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Understanding myself became a critical turning point in my business career. I would say that my business career didn’t even start until I understood what I needed to change in myself. It’s been almost a decade’s journey that has radically changed my life and it all started with a personal SWOT analysis. Click Here to download the worksheet to get started on your own journey.

Image by Carlos Esteves


Do you know where your business is and where it is going? It can be pretty challenging to get results if you don’t have a plan—the simpler the better! It all starts on a single page. Download a copy of the One Page Strategic Plan HERE.

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The "Challenger Sales Model" is a sales approach in which the seller actively teaches, tailors their sales process, and takes control of the customer conversation.  Click Here for a summary.

Opening car door


Customer Service vs. Customer Experience— That is the question. Click Here to explore the customer service evolution from the Dijulius Group.

Team Meeting


If you're not content marketing then you're NOT marketing! Click Here to download Content Rules. For the past eight years I have been teaching this curriculum to MBA students at the Ahlers International School of Business, University of San Diego. It's key for any business.

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A brand is the essence of one's own story, pulling out the authentic, unique "you." Personal branding is your ability to deliberately use attributes that demonstrate your capability to manage the expectations one will receive from an encounter with you. How have you developed your brand? Click Here to check out Kaplan Mobray's 10k's of Personal Branding for your guide to developing a memorable brand.

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